The OpenBRAS community is committed to building an open and open source vBRAS (vBRAS, Virtualized Broadband Remote Access Server) system. 

vBRAS is a NFV (Network Function Virtualization) implementation of the traditional BRAS. The main idea of NFV is to decouple network functions from dedicated hardware and implement a series of functions of traditional networks on COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) general hardware.

The vBRAS system mainly includes a service control plane and a data forwarding plane. Specific implementation options are: integrated vBRAS system or vBRAS system with separate control. In the processing of the data forwarding plane, either using existing hardware devices or using pure CPU forwarding.

The OpenBRAS community is committed to promoting the generalization of the vBRAS system, enabling open source of the service control plane, opennees of the data forwarding plane, and implementing a complete solution for data forwarding plane offloading through intelligent acceleration network interface card(Smart NIC).